2014 AAR Meeting: Ralo’s Biography & Love Letters of a Buddhist Visionary Couple

In the fifth and final year of the seminar we look at the early modern biography of theTibetan tantric master and sorcerer Rwa Lotsāwa, and the letters of two important twentieth century religious leaders, Tā re lha mo and ‘Jigs med phun tshogs. Holly Gayley will present “Oral Styles of Versification in the Love Letters of a Buddhist Visionary Couple,” and Bryan Cuevas will present on “Hagiography and Polemic: A Few Remarks on the Composition of the Life of Ra Lotsawa”.

You can download their materials (including Tibetan texts, selected translations, and introductory remarks) under the AAR Year 5 tab above or by clicking HERE.

Andy & Kurtis


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