AAR Year 3 (2012)

José Cabezón, Rog Bande Shes rab’s Great History and Doxography (Chos ’byung grub mtha’ chen po)
Since our focus this year is on philosophical prose, I propose that we focus chiefly on Rogben’s refutation of Madhyamaka, and, if we have time, on his answer to some objections raised by opponents of the Great Perfection.

Rogben’s text is interesting in part because it cuts across traditional generic boundaries. As the title implies, it is both a historical work (chos ‘byung) and a doxographical one (grub mtha’). In fact, the work is about equal parts chos ‘byung and grub mtha’.

José’s materials are available here.

An alternate Tibetan edition of the text is available from TBRC here.

David Germano, Klong chen pa’s The Treasury of Words and Meanings (Tshig don mdzod)
For the present purposes, we will focus on the Great Perfection philosophical prose. Practically speaking, I do not believe there are major differences in form or content between his various major writings on this front. We will thus draw characteristic examples from The Treasury of Words and Meanings.

I have chosen a few passages that reflect characteristic types of philosophical discourse in Longchenpa’s writing: (1) Passages structured on the model of a logical debate; (2) Passages structured around syllabic-based hermeneutical reflections on terms; (3) Passages focused on experiential processes related to contemplation. In reviewing these passages, I would suggest that we consider how these converge or diverge with normative exoteric philosophical discourse in Tibet in form and subject matter, as well as the role played by aesthetic considerations.

David’s materials are available here.


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