Readings for Harvard Meeting

Readings and materials can be downloaded by clicking the links HERE. (Note: this is a password protected link. You should have received the password by email.)

Pema Bhum
Tibetan versions of the Rāmāyaṇa

  1. Dunhuang version,  published in Bod kyi brda rnying yig cha bdams bsgrigs (China Central Nationalities Institute, 1995).  Selected passage: pages 422-423.
  2. The Ramayana as rendered by Zhang zhung Chos dbang grags pa (1404-1469), published in Gangs ljongs mkhas dbang rim byong gyi rtsom yig gser gyi sbram bu (Mtsho-sngon mi rigs dpe skrun khang, 1988). Selected passage: vol. 1 (stod cha), pages 479-480.

Brandon Dotson
“Tale of the Blood Brotherhood”

Selection from the Dunhuang manuscript PT 1136

Sarah Jacoby
2 selections from The Life of Sera Khandro

Bde ba’i rdo rje. Dbus mo bde ba’i rdo rje’i rnam par thar pa nges ’byung ’dren pa’i shing rta skal ldan dad pa’i mchod sdong (Unpublished manuscript, ca. 1934), fols. 221a.6-222a.6, fols. 254b.2-255b.5

Leonard van der Kuijp
Coming soon!


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