Readings for Toronto Meeting

Readings and materials can be downloaded by clicking HERE. (Note: this is a password protected link. You should have received the password by email.)

Roger Jackson
Main:  Saraha’s People’s Dohās (Dohākoṣagīti), vv. 99-112
Background:  three songs from the Caryāgītikoṣa; two songs of Mi la ras pa

Lara Braitstein
Main:  Thugs kyi mdzod skye med rdo rje’i glu, vv. 1-27
Background:  selections from the Dohākoṣagīti; Caryāgīti; Dohākoṣa upadeśagītināma; Dohākoṣanāmamahāmudrā updeśa

David Germano
Main:  Tantric contemplative allegory by Longchenpa

Jonathan Gold
Main:  opening/closing verses of Sdeb sbyor sna tshogs me tog gi chun po, by Sapaṇ
Background:  Selections from Sa skya legs bshad; selection from Mkhas pa ’jug pa’i sgo

Nicole Willock
Main:  selections from Snyan ngag spyi don

Gedun Rabsal
(1) The Mountain of Blessings: Poetic Avadana of Grags pa byang chub (Grags pa byang chub dpal bzang po’i rtogs pa brjod pa’i snyan dngags byin rlabs kyi lhun po) by Tsongkhapa

(2) Verses of Praise to Sarasvati, the God of Music and Poetry (Sgra dbyangs lha mo dbyangs can ma la stod pa) by Tsongkhapa


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