Readings for UVA Meeting

We have chosen a selection of readings that we hope will serve as a starting point for our discussion. It should not be too onerous a task to look them over before the meeting, and much will likely be familiar to you already. Readings fall into three categories, related to the three planned discussion sessions.

A link for downloading the ZIP file of all the readings was sent out by email. Let us know if you need it again.

Genre Classifications
1. Introduction to Tibetan Literature:  Studies in Genre (1996)
2. A categorization developed by David Germano on
3. Outline of Rtsom rig gser gyi sbram bu (3 vols., 1988-9)

Literary Anthologies
1. Preface to Stephen Owen’s An Anthology of Chinese Literature:  Beginnings to 1991 (1997)
2. Preface to Victor Mair’s The Columbia Anthology of Traditional Chinese Literature (1996)

Tibetan Literature Readings (English and Tibetan)
Brief representative passages from four seminal texts:
1. Longchenpa, Journey to Mount Potalaka (Nyingma)
2. Tsongkhapa, Story of Sadaprarudita (Geluk)
3. Sakya Pandita, Ordinary Wisdom/Sa skya legs bshad (Sakya)
4. Tsangnyön Heruka, The Life of Milarepa, final chapter (Kagyu)