UC Berkeley Meeting (2015)

Saturday morning
9:00-9:45  Sarah Jacoby, “Autobiographical Ventriloquy in a Tibetan Woman’s Life Narrative”

9:45-10:30  Janet Gyatso, “Tripping Down the Stairs: On the Way to Enlightenment in the Life Story of Milarepa”

Respondent Paula Varsano (Classical Chinese Literature)

10:30-10:45  Coffee Break

10:45-11:30  Brandon Dotson, “Reading Life the Dead Horse Listens: Textualized Funeral Rituals as Literature”

11:30-12:15  Jann Ronis, “Epistolary Earrings for the Royals of Dergé”

Respondent Andrew Jones (Modern Chinese Literature)

12:15-1:30  lunch

Saturday afternoon
1:30-2:15  Jake Dalton, “The Rise of the Evocative Language in Early Tantric Buddhist Ritual Manuals”

2:15-3:00  Ben Bogin

Respondent Harsha Ram (Russian Literature)

3:00-3:45  Nancy Lin, “Filling Vases and Stringing Garlands: Condensing Buddhist Stories in Tibet”

3:45-4:30  Holly Gayley, “Tibetan Epistolary Revelations: Performative Speech in the Correspondence of a Buddhist Visionary Couple”

Respondent Mack Horton (Premodern Japanese Literature)

4:30-4:45  Coffee Break

4:45-5:30  Kurtis Schaeffer, “Two Approaches to the Life of the Buddha in Tibet 1: Nanam Tsunpa (late 15th c.)”

5:30-6:15  Andrew Quintman, “Two Approaches to the Life of the Buddha in Tibet 2: Tāranātha (1575–1634)

Open discussion

Sunday morning
9:00-9:45 Jonathan Gold, “Clear Words and Subtle meaning: Sakya Pandita’s Approach to Prayer (bstod pa)”

9:45-10:30 Carl Yamamoto, “Lama Zhang: Self-Shaming Requested by Gurub Réwaki”

10:30-11:15  Gendun Rabsal and Nicole Willock, “Tibetan Literary Tradition: The Avadāna of Silver Flowers by Tseten Zhabdrung Jikmé Rigpai Lödro”

Respondent Alan Tansman (Modern Japanese Literature)

11:15-11:30  Coffee Break

11:30-12:30  Roundup Session

Participant Observers
Roger Jackson, Carleton College
Lara Braitstein, McGill University
Frances Garrett, University of Toronto
Marcus Perman, Tsadra Foundation